Notice of Public Sale of Liened Property

Notice is hereby given that a closed bid sale will be held June 15th2023 at 1:00 PM at


sell to satisfy the lien on property stored at 21516 Telegraph Rd Brownstown, MI 48183, by the following

persons. The inventories listed below were notated by the tenants at the time of rental.

TELEGRAPH BUDGET STORAGE makes no representation or warranty that the units contain

said inventories. Unit 336 Velma Lyons, Household goods; Unit 315 Heather Miles Haggard; household goods, unit 325 Daisy Clark; household goods, unit 143 Katherine Madden; household goods, unit 452 Jaylah Moore; household goods, Sc204 Kellie Williamson; household goods, unit 456 Keith Cooper; household goods